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What is Spring Framework?

The Spring Framework is an open source Java-based application framework which is created to address the complexity of the enterprise application development.

Spring Framework includes:

  • Inversion of control container via flexible dependency injection
  • Aspect-oriented programming
  • Data access for working with common Java EE specifications such as JDBC, object-relational mapping tools (such as Hibernate, JPA) and with NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB).
  • Model, View, Controller
  • Authentication and authorization via the Spring Security.
  • Testing through unit tests and integration tests
  • and many more.

The spring framework is both comprehensive and modular. It is an ideal framework for test driven development. Spring’s main aim is to make J2EE easier to use and promote good programming practice. It does this by enabling a POJO-based programming model that is reusable and applicable in a wide range of environments.


Due to its high performance, code-reusability, easy testability without any lock-in, Spring Framework has become the most popular Java-based application framework for enterprise Javaâ„¢ among millions of developers.

The official website of Spring Framework can be found here.

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