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Payment gateway for online business

Top Payment Gateway / System in Indonesia for your Online Business

You’re here because you want to make money online, aren’t you? You are at the right place. If you want to launch a successful E-commerce platform in Indonesia you definitely need a wide range of payment systems.

But you’d tell me that “Indonesians don’t have credit cards and don’t trust online payment”…
Yes, Indonesians love Cash On delivery and Bank transfers but payment by credit cards represent more than 30% of the online transactions in Indonesia. You don’t want to miss 30% of transactions right? So below is an non-exhaustive list of Indonesian payment gateway. I’m not going to tell if these are good payment gateways or not but I’m going to give some info about it to help in your choice:

- Doku

Doku has been existing since 2007. It’s is an important Indonesian actor in the online payment. They count around 400 merchants including Merpati and Dufan. It helps process online payment with credit cards, connect to some major indonesian Banks such as Mandiri and BCA and could also help about Paypal payment.

- IpayMu

IpayMu was created in 2012. It offers an Escrow services as a third party between the buyers and the sellers to guarantee the transaction when the level of confidence between the parties are low. It helps about online payment with credit card, debit card and Paypal.

- Veritrans

Veritrans Indonesia is a joint Venture with Veritrans Inc. and Midplaza holding. They exist since 2012. They propose online credit card payment system with a free fraud detection system. Their VT-direct product allows merchants to process payment on their own payment page. They also are creating a WordPress plugin for the online payment.

- Inapay

Inapay from PT. Indonesia Payment Solution, started at the end of 2011. They intend to provide a standardized, safe, and seamless escrow service experience in the country.

- FinPay

Finnet Payment Gateway (FinPay) is a product of PT. Finnet Indonesia which is subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia. It was launched on May 2012 in Jakarta. With a support like Telkom Indonesia, they have been able to create partnerships with Credit Cards gateway system and it seems to be potentially big player in this field.

- Indomog

Indonesia Multionline Payment Gateway is big especially for online games payments. They are partner with Zynga and sell their games in Indonesia. They have very strong channels: ATM, Alfamart, 7-eleven, Lawson… where people can buy Voucher to get credit and buy their games online.

- Unik

UNIK first launched in December 2011. It runs on a payment technology developed and powered by third-party partner used by 13 countries across the world with over 10 million accounts operating on it. Online buyers deposit founds on their Unik account and can pay on Partners’ Online shops with their account as well as paying bills,  buying pulsa, etc.

- Ipay88

Ipay88 was launched in 2006. It provides credit card payment gateway for online businesses. Their services are available in Indonesia but also in Thailand, Philippines and few other South East Asia countries.

- Kaspay

Kaspay is a service created by Kaskus. Buyers can top up their accounts and use their account to pay on kaskus and kaspay partners. Merchants can connect to their system to allow people to pay using their Kaspay accounts.

I hope this list helps you to have a rapid overview on what is currently available in Indonesia in terms of Online payment gateways. Go get more info on their websites, it’s usually well explained about fees, services, etc.
If you know other good payment gateways for Indonesia that I could add to this list just let me know.
What do you think about Online Payment in Indonesia?

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  • hadasrin

    Thanks for the post, Antoine. Does PayPal operate in Indonesia? How about the payment gateway PayPal Payflow Pro? Thanks much.

  • https://www.facebook.com/PrideTiger Linh Snow

    Thank you very much!

  • Sharma Sanjeev Kumar

    dear hadasrin don’t trust with paypal anymore in indonesia has alot of victim of this bad system including me was loss 500 USD in my paypal account so i find a best payment gateway which direct can coonect with my bank account .please assist