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Java is a Poweful Programming Language

Java is a Poweful Programming Language

Since almost 20 years, Java is well known as a programming language. Over 9 million software engineers work worldwide with it, 3 million mobile phones run it, as well as 1,1 billion desktops and all blue-ray players.
According to Thomas Kurian in the conferene of of JavaOne 2010, there are 10 million downloads from Oracle per week, calculated around 1 billion download per year.

Java is found everywhere – on mobile phones, desktop computers, Blu-ray Disc players, set top boxes, and even in your car.

Main Concepts

  • Simple, object-oriented and familiar
  • robust and secure
  • Platform-independent and portable
  • High performance
  • Interpreted, threaded and dynamic


  • Desktop use
  • Mobile devices
  • Web server and enterprise use


Java has significant advantages over other programming languages and is suitable for any programming task. It is robust, easy to use, platform-independent, and secure. For those reasons, Java is chosen for providing worldwide Internet solutions.

Jemmy Halim…

Jemmy is a person into technical details of developing WEB applications and their highly advanced back end. He earns his daily bread as a computer scientist and works on building WEB and Mobile Applications, Content Management Systems, and Money-Generating Software Solutions.