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Category Archive - Web Applications

JPA Hibernate

JPA Hibernate Example Using Spring Framework MVC 3.1

JPA stands for Java Persistence API. It is a Java programming language specification which manages relational data in applications using Java SE (Java Standard Edition) and Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition. JPA focuses on object-relational mapping (ORM) and can be implemented in ORM vendors such as EclipseLink, OpenJPA, IBM and JBoss with Hibernate. Why Should We Use JPA – Hibernate Instead of Directly Writing SQL Queries or Creating an Access…

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Hello World Example using Spring Framework MVC 3.1

Hello World Example Using Spring Framework MVC 3.1

A “Hello world program” is a famous computer program that displays “Hello world” on the screen device. This program is typically one of the simplest programs possible in most programming languages. By tradition the “Hello world program” is to demonstrate the most basic syntax of a programming language. In this tutorial, we show you how to create a Hello world example using Spring Framework MVC 3.1. Requirements The required technologies…

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Spring Framework MVC 3.1 Tutorial

Spring Framework MVC 3.1 Tutorial

Spring Framework MVC 3.1 provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing robust Java applications. In this tutorial, we will have a look into the basic example and explanation on using Spring Framework MVC 3.1. This tutorial requires basic knowledge in Java. We will go step-by-step into details. Tutorial for Beginners: Hello World Example using Spring Framework MVC 3.1 JPA – Hibernate Example using Spring Framework MVC 3.1

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CSS3 Animations – How to with animation and keyframes – Trick

Are you tired of gifs and Flash? Well, even if you aren’t, CSS3 and HTML5 bring you the tools to create animations using CSS at 100%. I will show you how to crate a simple animation. Create an animation This is working with: Chrome 4, Safari 4 Firefox 5 MSIE 10 Opera 12 With the classic CSS properties, the changes of background color etc. is possible but binary. With the…

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What is Spring Framework?

The Spring Framework is an open source Java-based application framework which is created to address the complexity of the enterprise application development. Spring Framework includes: Inversion of control container via flexible dependency injection Aspect-oriented programming Data access for working with common Java EE specifications such as JDBC, object-relational mapping tools (such as Hibernate, JPA) and with NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB). Model, View, Controller Authentication and authorization via the Spring…

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CSS3 Non-Standard Fonts – How to with @font-face? Trick

Once upon a time, Webmasters deplored to be able to use very few fonts for their websites. Arial, Times New Roman… it was boring! However @font-face appeared and we can now use fancy Fonts and keep going the creativity. Here is how to use @font-face to set Non-Standard Fonts for your Website. @font-face exists since quite a while from CSS 2.0 but only Internet Explorer implemented it since its version…

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Varnish – Remove file(s) from the cache

Varnish caches files. So if you replace a file on the server by a new one and this file is not refreshed when you try to access to it via your browser it probably means that Varnish still keep an expired version in his cache. (Or you didn’t clear the cache of your browser) To purge a file from the cache, here is the process: – Log in the varnish…

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