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Author Archive - Antoine Leboulanger

Payment gateway for online business

Top Payment Gateway / System in Indonesia for your Online Business

You’re here because you want to make money online, aren’t you? You are at the right place. If you want to launch a successful E-commerce platform in Indonesia you definitely need a wide range of payment systems. But you’d tell me that “Indonesians don’t have credit cards and don’t trust online payment”… Yes, Indonesians love Cash On delivery and Bank transfers but payment by credit cards represent more than 30%…

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CSS3 Animations – How to with animation and keyframes – Trick

Are you tired of gifs and Flash? Well, even if you aren’t, CSS3 and HTML5 bring you the tools to create animations using CSS at 100%. I will show you how to crate a simple animation. Create an animation This is working with: Chrome 4, Safari 4 Firefox 5 MSIE 10 Opera 12 With the classic CSS properties, the changes of background color etc. is possible but binary. With the…

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CSS3 Non-Standard Fonts – How to with @font-face? Trick

Once upon a time, Webmasters deplored to be able to use very few fonts for their websites. Arial, Times New Roman… it was boring! However @font-face appeared and we can now use fancy Fonts and keep going the creativity. Here is how to use @font-face to set Non-Standard Fonts for your Website. @font-face exists since quite a while from CSS 2.0 but only Internet Explorer implemented it since its version…

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Varnish – Remove file(s) from the cache

Varnish caches files. So if you replace a file on the server by a new one and this file is not refreshed when you try to access to it via your browser it probably means that Varnish still keep an expired version in his cache. (Or you didn’t clear the cache of your browser) To purge a file from the cache, here is the process: – Log in the varnish…

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